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Identified by the three lofty pinnacles of the New York Tower condos, Bayview Village is a snug little uptown neighbourhood lying within the convenient confines of Finch Avenue in the north, Bayview Avenue along its western boundaries, Leslie Street in the east and the 401 Expressway in its backyard. This is an area that has responded willingly and well to the ever-increasing demand for an upscale condo lifestyle outside of the downtown core.


Known often as the Yorkville of North York, Bayview Village affords a chic environment to its residents, who rarely feel the need to traverse to downtown hangouts in order to enjoy the vibrancy of big city Toronto life. Despite having a high traffic artery like Sheppard Avenue East running right through its middle, this neighbourhood is quietly residential on weekends, with leafy cul de sacs and winding driveways, not to mention that almost a quarter of its area is dominated by lush green parks, parkettes, and the majestic East Don Parklands.

The Vibe

Bayview Village is replete with live-work-play-shop alternatives. The roads see busy office traffic during the morning hours, which gets replaced by trendy mall traffic in the evening hours. The resident parks, parkettes, tennis clubs and library see a healthy flow of families, young professionals and active elderly/retired folks on account of the several luxury retirement homes in the vicinity. Restaurants and shops, despite being expensive, are full to the brim, which gives everything a downtown vibe, albeit in an “exclusive” uptown sort of way.

Meet the Neighbours

According to a 2011 social study conducted by the city of Toronto, 47 per cent of Bayview Villagers belong to the working age group of 25-64, with seniors 65 + years occupying a close second at 17 per cent. The working adult population is characterized by second and third generation Persian, Chinese and Korean immigrants, coming from single to single-family homes that consist of 1-5 family members. Average household incomes range upwards from $50K – $150K.

In the Area

Life for Bayview Villagers revolves around the Bayview Village mall with its own Loblaws supercentre and LCBO, a 24-hour YMCA, a resident Canadian Tire, and the North York location of Ikea. Apart from these four nerve centres, the neighbourhood is also home to the Bayview Village Residents Association, The Bayview Village Park, Rean Park, a few Chinese churches, retail spaces housed at condo first floor levels, medical clinics, and the North York General Hospital. Kids go to excellent institutions like the Earl Haig Secondary School and the Elkhorn Public School.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Bayview Village is punctuated with three of the four subway stops, east of the Yonge-University-Spadina line, along Sheppard Avenue East. TTC buses regularly ply on route 85 between Yonge Street in the west end and Don Mills in the east. From any given point in this area, access to the highway 401 ramp is a paltry two minute drive away. Oriole Go station is another option for area commuters who work in distant GTA locations.

The Good, the Bad & the Rest

It is really hard to find something wrong with Bayview Village as there is something for all ages. The area propounds the haute lifestyle, offering not just options for shopping, but also safe and clean walking spaces for area seniors trying to keep up with their walking routines, or to meet their peers for relaxed brunches and coffees. This is also a hub for “ladies who luncheon” while nannies entertain their stroller-bound babies. For those who are ethnically conscious, this area might be off-putting given its nouveau riche immigrant concentration, not to mention the noise pollution from the Sheppard Avenue East traffic.

Dollars & Sense

Prices of things, in Bayview Village, range between affordable to luxury. A 540 square feet, one bedroom plus one bath condo sans den, goes for $267,800 and one bedroom rentals at Bayview Village Place start at $1,300. Local eats like The Origin North, and the O&B cafe pack a mean punch to the wallet, and shopping at the Bayview Village shopping centre is certainly meant for the crème-de-la crème, while grocery options vary between generic Loblaws prices to more exclusive, gourmet offerings like those found at Pusateri’s.

Neighbourhood Hotspots

Bayview Village Shopping Centre

This ritzy 440,000 square ft. mall ushers you in with flattering greeting signs, contains over 110 haute retail options, and was dubbed “the toniest mall north of Hazleton Lanes” by Toronto Life.

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Oliver and Bonacini Café Grill

This North York location of the O & B chain is famous for its weekend brunches and offers patio seating both inside and out of the mall area.

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Origin North

This multi-cuisine offering by restaurateur Claudio Aprile is one for the lists. Dishes are beautifully crafted and generously portioned, with the claim to fame being the frozen ice creams made at your table.

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This North York location of the YMCA is open 24 hours and is a regular haunt for Bayview Villagers.

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This branch of Ikea on Leslie Street is a valuable area amenity, especially for the up and coming condo owners.

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Canadian Tire

This sprawling retail staple is located right next to the Ikea and comes with a garden centre.

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